[# VS11] Storyboarding PowerPoint (new !!)



We go with another of the new features of Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation 11, in this case is the ability of prototyping with PowerPoint user stories. WHAT! that you’re thinking, after so many years and so many beers, Bruno was completed to dry the average neuron. No, the stage of working is very simple:

How many times have you seen functional complete designs of applications made in PowerPoint?

If you ask me to me, I’ll tell you that much. As PowerPoint doesn’t compile (the F5 presents), because everything can strain when using the “power point” would my friend Braulio. But we are what we are going,

What is this StoryBoarding PowerPoint?

Therefore, to describe in detail it. Once installed Visual Studio 11, if we open PP, we see a new section in the ribbon called “StoryBoarding”.


From here, we just need imagination. If you select “Storyboard Shapes”, we can see the different elements that we have for our applications diagram. We also have the ability to create our own “shapes”… well that save us a bit of work.


The next slide is a design of a login form with a Ribbon, where I’ve tried by him as ugly as possible, to make not stolen me aesthetic ideas.


But… the Bruno talking about PowerPoint,

ยฟ Where is Team Foundation 11 ?

We have already arrived, the next thing we have to do is to keep our PowerPoint presentation to a shared location (this is very important, may not be local on another post destripo why). Once saved, click on “Storyboard Links” and see how we can already connect to Team Foundation Server. Once connected, you can select one or more WorkItems to relate our presentation. For example in the picture below I’ve linked my presentation “zoo.pptx” to a User Story.



Now, when from Visual Studio 11, we access this WorkItem, we can see in the section “Storyboards”, the elements related to the WorkItem.


and that not proving that it makes the button to open related link? Open-mouthed smile

But of course, we are working with a version of a document on a shared resource, that is I think one of the worst things we can do. If tuviesemos the document stored in a Manager documentary, as for example SharePoint, we add a new item directly from the edition of the WorkItem information.



It is true that it could be more powerful and cover some scenarios… but are still in Dev Preview Winking smile and there are some other things to comment on PowerPoint and Visual Studio 11.



Greetings @ Home

The Bruno

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