[# VS11] Storyboarding PowerPoint (new !!)

Hi, We go with another of the new features of Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation 11, in this case is the ability of prototyping with PowerPoint user stories. WHAT! that you're thinking, after so many years and so many beers, Bruno was completed to dry the average neuron. No, the stage of working is [...]


[# TEAMBUILD] TFS Build Extensions Community new release

Hi, minutes ago has released an update of the Community TFS Build Extensions (which already had said something here )). A couple of problems have been fixed in this version and... support has been added to Visual Studio 11 !!! As you know, for download http://tfsbuildextensions.codeplex.com/   Greetings @ Home The Bruno Source: http://mikefourie.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/community-tfs-2010-build-extensions-september-2011/