#Unity3D – #GitHub for Unity in super Beta mode !

Hi ! Good news for the Unity3D developers who wants to use GitHub: We have available a beta version for the Unity and GitHub connector. You can find the source code and a compiled unity package on GitHub. Also, on the main page, there is a nice step by step on how to use it. Once…… Continue reading #Unity3D – #GitHub for Unity in super Beta mode !

#Unity3D – #GitHub for Unity en modo super Beta

Hola ! Buenas noticias para los que trabajamos con Unity3D y con GitHub: Ya tenemos disponible una versión Beta del conector de Unity3D y GitHub. El mismo está disponible en GitHub y podemos instalarlo como un paquete de Unity. En la página oficial del paquete hay un paso a paso detallado sobre cómo utilizarlo. Una vez instalado…… Continue reading #Unity3D – #GitHub for Unity en modo super Beta

[#RESHARPER] ReSharper 9.0 EAP available to everyone ;)

Hello!!! Quick weekend post: everyone can try the version for Early Adopters of ReSharper 9, it is downloaded from their nightly builds, and today the more stable available is from October 21. In addition, interesting novelty is the possibility to use it and test it in Visual Studio. Best regards /El Bruno Download: http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/ReSharper/ReSharper+9.0+EAP