#Podcast – NTN 57 – DevOps, GitHub Actions, cultura de DevOps, estrategias de despliegues y mucho más! @snavarropino @jc_quijano,

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Hoy tenemos la suerte de hablar con Sergio Navarro Pino (@snavarropino) y Juan Carlos Quijano (@jc_quijano) sobre varios temas interesantes. Empezamos hablando de DevOps, orientado a experiencias y cultura. Como somos muy frikis obviamente terminado hablando de Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, estrategias de Testing, Blue / Green deployments y mucho más!


  • Sergio Navarro Pino es Tech Lead en Analyticalways (LinkedIn)
  • Juan Carlos Quijano Abad es Microsoft Certified Trainer, Arquitecto de Soluciones en Azure, Consultor independiente en implantación de DevOps (LinkedIn)
  • Bruno Capuano es Canada Innovation Lead at Avanade and Microsoft AI MVP (LinkedIn)

Happy coding!


El Bruno

#VSCode – Let’s do some #Git dev in #RaspberryPi (GitHub and Azure DevOps!)

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In my previous posts I wrote about how to prepare a developer station with a Raspverry Pi 4. I wrote on how to install Visual Studio Code, how to install .Net Core and how to build and run C# projects. Of course, the next step is to work with Git.

The command to install git is

apt-get install git

However, I already have Git installed. I haven’t checked, but it seems to me that the latest Raspbian distro includes by default git. I was hoping that VSCode will recognize and use this, but in order to work with Git in VSCode I need some extra work in the IDE settings.

raspberry pi git installed but not integrated in visual studio code

I was able to clone some repositories from GitHub and Azure DevOps, directly from bach

raspberry pi 4 git clone azure devops repository

So, let’s fix Visual Studio Code and Git integration. This one is very easy, I just need to go to Settings, search for Git and define the Git path for VSCode.

raspberry pi 4 visual studio code preferences git

In order to find the git path, we need to use the [which] command

pi@rpidev3:~ $ which git


My got location is [/usr/bin/git].

I’m not a command line dude! I like User Interfaces, so now it’s time to open one of the cloned repositories in Visual Studio Code. I can see that VSCode recognices Git and I can start to commit my files.

raspberry pi 4 visual studio code using git

This is also a perfect moment to define Git user name and user email.

git config --global user.email "email@email.com" 
git config --global user.name "your name"

I like to do this in the Terminal in VSCode, just to check all is working fine.

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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