#Event – Introduction to Microsoft AI and Amazon Alexa



This week I will be lucky enough to participate in several sessions where I will share some experiences and contents related to the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence platform.  It’s been more than 3 years when I started yo write and use Project Oxford (now knows as Cognitive Services). Today we have at our hands over than 30 services in the Cognitive Services Suite and even some as impressive as the brand new Custom Vision.

Note: I have to write a post commenting how to create a Compact Domain in Custom Vision and export it to use it from an Android or iOS App in offline mode.

So, next Tuesday night I will be giving a session at McMaster University, where I will show how to create Alexa Skills integrated with some Microsoft AI services.

Then on Thursday, January 25, I will be with Margaryta (@ in4Margaret) for Mississauga .Net User Group also talking about Microsoft AI. More details below

Margaryta and Bruno as duo will walk through the Microsoft AI platform and capabilities to allow any developer to infuse intelligence into their applications and target entirely new scenarios enabled by the latest innovations in AI. You’ll learn about API’s that provide object recognition, face detection and identification, emotion recognition, OCR, computer vision, video services, language understanding, sentiment analysis and more. They will also demonstrate how you can add customized intelligence to your solution or leverage AI services in conjunction with the Microsoft Bot Service.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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