#Tip – How to create a 30 days trial account to learn about #PowerPlatform

Hi !

The Power Platform Bootcamp is on, and one of the most popular questions is:

How to create a trial account to test and learn ?

The answer is easy in 2 steps.

2 Steps to create a Trial Account

1st step. Sign up for a Microsoft 365 developer tenant:


Once you created your M365 Dev Account, you will have access to 25 test users. In example:

Sample Users to Test Power Platform

2nd Step. Use one of these emails to sign up for the power platform developer plan:

Power Apps Developer Plan | Microsoft Power Apps

And that’s it !

Additional Notes

And important, in the 1st step you can use any email account. In example @outlook.com or @gmail. You may need to sign using that email addres.

And this process is not very user friendly. The captcha took some time. For me, it worked fine in Edge.

Once I created the account, I was ready to sign to the Microsoft 365 Dev test subscription.

Your microsoft 365 Dev Test Subscription.

This will create a complete test environment with +20 users. In the 1st image of this post, I shared some of these users. We can now use those email addresses to request a Power Apps Developer Plan.

Important: to request the Dev Plan we should not use the gmail account.

This plans allows you to get a free developer environment to develop and test apps, including support for premium and custom connectors, Dataverse, and additional developer environments.

  • Power Appsโ€”Create and test unlimited apps with Dataverse and premium connectors.
  • Power Automateโ€”Automate workflows between applications and services.
  • Dataverseโ€”Build a data model that all your apps can use.
  • Connect Your Dataโ€”Connect to data sources using connectors or with Custom APIs.
  • Pick your toolโ€”Use Power Apps, Power Automate, Dataverse, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Azure services to create the solutions you need.

Cool and easy !

Happy coding!


El Bruno

More posts in my blog ElBruno.com.

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