Global Azure ☁️Bootcamp 2022 – Greater Toronto Area Edition: Call for Speakers opened! 😁


Global Azure Bootcamp 2022 is almost here !

Our plan is to host a virtual event on Friday May 6th, and in-person event on Saturday May 7th. We are working on the logistics, location, security measures and more.

And we start opening the CFS, so feel free to propose your session

And if you have any questions, please contact me 😁

Side Note: I’m still helping the tech communities, and on 2022 we went global: Microsoft Reactors to bring local communities to Global Azure.

With multiple locations all around the world, we’re excited to offer the opportunity to partner with a local Reactor, to host your Global Azure session. This could either be as a live stream hosted by the Reactor team, or as an in-person event, depending on the location. The Reactors supporting Global Azure Days are: London, Stockholm, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Sydney, Bengaluru, Redmond, San Francisco, New York, Toronto and Sao Paulo.

Microsoft Reactors and Global Azure Bootcamp 2022
[Reactors marked on a world map]
[Reactors marked on a world map]

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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