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Hi !

While working with Arduino or embedded systems, tools are a great part of the developers experience. PlatformIO Labs is an amazing set of tools for embedded systems, and it also works like a charm with Wio Terminal.

A user-friendly and extensible integrated development environment (IDE) with a set of professional development instruments, providing modern and powerful features to speed up yet simplify the creation and delivery of embedded products. Install and go.

PlatformIO Home page

In order to test this, let’s start a project from scratch with a super simple goal:

Display a countdown and a message in the Wio Terminal.

1st install the extension in Visual Studio Code.

install platformio IDE code extension

Now, let’s create a new project, and select Wio Terminal as the board.

new project for Wio Terminal

We will face a super familiar environment, and code !

new project schema

Once we write some code, we can build and upload the code directly to our board. In Visual Studio Code, we can view the PlatformIO view and we have the options we need: Build and Upload.

5 seconds later, our project is deployed and running on the Wio Terminal !

Display a countdown and a message in the Wio Terminal.

The complete source code is here

#include"Free_Fonts.h" //include the header file
TFT_eSPI tft;
int counter = 10;
void setup() {
tft.fillScreen(TFT_BLACK); //Black background
void loop() {
if(counter == 0)
tft.drawString("Wio Terminal",25,50);
tft.drawString(" + VSCode ",25,75);
tft.drawString(" + PlatformIO ",25,100);
tft.drawString(" ",25,125);
tft.drawString(" > ROCKS ! O_O ",25,150);
else if(counter > 0)
tft.drawString("Message show in …",25,100);

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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Platform IO Labs Home page



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