#OBS – No Green Screen 🟩 for Chroma Key? 🪟#Windows10 PowerToys Color Picker will help 🆘!!!

Hi !

Having a Green Screen behind your camera, is a super useful feature when you work with OBS. It will allow you to create scenes, and with good lighting, it will be hard to check “is this real or not”.

If you don’t have a green screen, but you have a decent and plain background, these steps may help.

  • Let’s start by installing Windows 10 PowerToys. I’m a big fan of the PowerToys, Fancy Zones rocks 🤘🤘🤘.
  • One of the utilities available is the Color Picker. Once installed you can launch Color Picker with the shortcut key [Win + Shift + C].
  • Now, let’s open your camera. The one you will use in OBS. The image below shows my camera, and my office, with my pink background.
  • Launch Color Picker and select the background.
color picker on OBS Camera
  • Once you select a color, Color Picker will show the color details: RGB, HEX and HSL.
  • Now, let’s do some OBS magic.
  • Select your camera in the OBS sources list, and add a Chroma Key Filter.
  • By default the filter will use a Green color.
  • Open the [Key Color Type] option, and use a custom color.
  • Of course, here you need to use the HEX value from Color Picker!
  • And, hey the background is gone!
  • Now you have a camera filter in OBS and you may save to buy a Green Screen!
custom color in chroma key done

A pink color is tricky. It will require a lot of work with light and more, and in this scenario, my skin looks weird.

However, this could be a temporary solution for a custom Chroma Key Filter!

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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