How to deploy an HL2 app (Unity) through USB or Wifi

In case you want to know step by step how to port your HL2 application to your Hololens 2 device. All considerations are in this post.

Software requierements

  • Visual Studio 2019
    • Once you install the version you need, make sure you go to “Individuals components” in Visual studio installer.
    • And install the following items:
      • Windows 10 SDK version 10.0.19041.0 or 10.0.18362.0
      • USB Device Connectivity (required to deploy/debug to HoloLens over USB)
      • C++ (v142) Universal Windows Platform tools (required when using Unity)

  • Unity (I am working with 2020.3.8f1).
    • Make sure you install Universal Windows Platform and Windows Build Support (IL2CPP)

Unity Universal Windows Platform Build Support option

  • A hololens 2 device enabled for Developer Mode.
    • Inside Hololens:
      • Settings > Update > For Developers > Enable Developer Features. Optional : Device Portal.
  • Windows 10 enabled for Development: In the computer you will be using to deploy the app, make sure you have Windows enabled for Dev by going to…

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