XR can help your company on the cutting edge, but how?

As a technical professional, helping customers is my main goal. It is not just for providing a solution to their problems, but helping them transform, innovate and enhance their business. And one of the technologies I advise implementing today is Extended Reality. Using extended reality can keep you and your company on the cutting edge, setting you apart from your competition who may be slow to adopt it. It also can help you equips your customers and your team with new opportunities. In order to help you, understand the benefits of investing in XR, let me introduce some ideas.

Extended reality (XR): “the scenarios”

XR is short for extended reality. It’s a convergence of the real, physical world around us and a digital world or space. The latest researches show that people expect XR to become mainstream in the next five years. We are talking about a technology that will affect shopping…

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