#Windows11 – WhyNotWin11: How to get “more details” on WHY your PC πŸ–₯️ is not ready for Windows 11 πŸ±β€πŸ’»

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Hi !

Last week, I was super excited when Microsoft announced a tool to check if a device is ready for Windows 11. I got a 3 years old gaming PC, with a i7, 48GB RAM, and a couple of 2TB SSD discs. I was ready, however I faced this message.

my pc is not ready for windows 11

I didn’t know why, so I decided to keep my Hack my Roomba project on.

Today thanks to the tweet below, I also realized that I got the similar message on the Windows Update.

windows insider program pc wont run Windows 11

My initial ideas were around UEFI or TPM compatibility issues, however I got both of them enabled and almost up-to-date.

After a quick search I found this amazing tool:


And now I can really understand that my iI7 is the problem. Just running the app shows this results

whynotwin11 on my pc

And there it is, CPU seems to be the issue.

Back to the tool, it’s an open source one, so feel free to check the code, or download the binary and make the check in quick way.

Happy coding!


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