#RaspberryPi – Using neofetch to display OS information in 🐧 #Linux and 🪟 #Windows10

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Hi !

Quick post today on how to install and use Neofetch.

Neofetch is a shell script that requires bash 3.2+ to function. By default, it displays an ASCII art of your Distro’s logo. Neofetch supports almost 150 different operating systems. From Linux to Windows.

Installation is super easy

sudo apt install neofetch

Once installed, run the command to get the OS information. I’m running Raspberry Pi OS, so the information fits the SO.

linux raspberry pi neofetch

Running this on a Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu

neofetch display ubuntu information

And let’s also test the Windows version. It’s available as a Python package, so installation is super easy

pip install neofetch-win

And I run this on my local Windows 10, with an explicit option to hide information about the motherboard, cpu, ip and disk

neofetch running on windows 10

How cool !

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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