#Event – Drones 🚁 and Anomaly Detection 📈 at The Virtual ML.NET Community Conference, May 7/8

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Hi !

April is gone, and also my event-free calendar until May. And I’m super lucky to host a session at the

Virtual ML.Net Community Conference

The Virtual ML.NET Community Conference is a 2-day community driven conference on all things ML.NET.
The conference will be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube.It’s 100% free and open for everyone. The talks will be both technical and inspirational.
We hope you’ll join us! Join the community lounge Slack channel to connect with other ML.NET enthusiasts!

Virtual ML.Net Community Conference

I’ll be talking about drones, however this time I’ll put on hold Computer Vision scenarios and I’ll work with the drone telemetry. I’ll use ML.Net to analyze the telemetry and detect anomalies. This will be a fun one.

Let’s perform Anomaly Detection using ML.Net on a drone flying data from Azure IoT

You can control a drone using 20 lines of code. That’s the easy part. Sending the drone telemetry to Azure IoT is a little tricky, however, it requires another 20 lines of code. And when all the information is on Azure IoT, we can perform Anomaly Detection on the drone telemetry using ML.Net on the cloud.
We will use a simple house drone ($100), Python and C#. And, besides the drone telemetry analysis, I’ll share additional enterprise scenarios.
Let’s build this!

cat hitting the drone on the floor

Let’s check Goku The Cat 🐈‍⬛ hitting the drone is detected as an anomaly !

Happy coding!


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