#Personal – A HDMI Audio Video Capture Card for less $20 will help you with screen sharing, #raspberrypi, phones and more !

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Today I want to share a small device that literally change the way I do demos, check screens and other scenarios. A simple HDMI Audio Video Capture Card for less than 20$.

HDMI Audio Video Capture Card: High Definition 1080p 30fps – HDMI to USB2.0 – Video Recording via DSLR & Camcorder to Live Streaming | Gaming | Teaching | Live Broadcasting | Video Conference

Somehow in my mind these devices were supposed to be super expensive (and I know they are!). Last year, I decided to try a cheap one and it was a great surprise.

How this works? You connect a HDMI input into the USB device and you have a new camera available. Then you can use any camera app to check or share this screen. The following image shows the boot of a raspberry pi with the camera recorded as a video.

usb camera raspberry pi

This is not remote desktop, so you won’t have keyboard and mouse remote control. I’ll blog on hyot to do this in other post.

The main idea of connection is this one

I’m my day to day, I use this to

  • Share screen of some devices like raspberry pi.
  • Share screen of other laptops. I know, remote desktop is an option, however this is SO MUCH FASTER!
  • Share screen of smartphones, when they have the feature of USB to HDMI
  • Record demos from smartphones to have backup videos, just in case!
  • And more !

Final sample, this how a smartphone screen looks

And finally, my cheap device

Happy coding!


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