#AzureIoT – ☁ Azure IoT Explorer, in preview and awesome

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Hi !

I found this tool sometime ago, and it was a great moment. The Azure IoT explorer is a graphical tool for interacting with and devices connected to your IoT hub. You can check references for the official installation process.

And just in case, here is a small preview of the tool showing the live telemetry events on a specific device. At the right there is a console app sending messages to a Azure IoT Device. The device processes the messages and send some specific telemetry.

The app is very straight forward. First, just add an IoTHub using a Connection String.

Once connected, we can inspect the devices on the Hub

And in each device we have some actions available. During my current days, Telemetry and Direct method are the 2 most useful ones !

Again, it was a great surprise find this tool. !

Bonus: supports dark theme !

Happy coding!


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