#RaspberryPi – Fing >> mobile app 📲 to detect your device IP 📶. Update on old way to detect this IP address

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Hi !

I just updated my “1st setup without monitor: auto connect to WiFi, enable SSH, rename, update and more!” post, on the section about how to detect your Raspberry Pi IP address once connected to the network. I used a Java based program, and I want to avoid install Java as long as I can.

To get the IP I will use a mobile app: Fing (see references). And it just need 2 steps

  1. Connect to the same network and start scanning

2. Review the list of detected devices and look for the one named: Raspberry

By default, the brand is Raspberry Pi and the default name is Raspberry, so it makes sense to try this IP addresses first.

Happy coding!


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