#Windows10 – Deckboard deck, a super useful tool to run macros, OBS 🎦 integration and more. Bonus: build your own deck!

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Hi !

I’m keeping myself away from buying new stuff during these days. Stream Deck (see references) is one of those devices that have been in my shopping list for a long time, as far as I understand is super useful and also adds tons of options to our work-from-home new life.

Right now, the main use that I have for this is mostly to change scenes in OBS. I’m not a professional streamer, not even close; however when I do demos or presentations, OBS is super cool to help me setup a scene to add more context to the presentation. In example, have a nice Hololens 2 camera view and a webcam with myself wearing the Hololens, is great to share HL contents.


OBS allows us to change scenes using keyboard shortcuts, and this is cool. However, the idea of having a deck with 4 x 3 buttons to do this is better. So here comes Deckboard (see references).

Deckboard helps you create macros for Windows/Linux and launch them on your phone.

And it’s a super useful app. It has tons of options to interact with OBS, Spotify, Twitch and more. I personally use it with OBS to create buttons to help me switch between scenes.

And, in the free version, the grid is good enough for a simple scenario.

Custom Deck using a Phone or a Tablet

Deckboard runs as an Windows app, and if you have a extra smartphone or tablet, there is a super useful combination to have an external deck. I installed the Deckboard app in an old Android Tablet and it connects to my Windows 10 Deckboard app and creates a mirror of the board.

I have my board and action buttons available in a touch screen device where I can do plenty of stuff. The connection can be via USB, or via WiFi in the same network, and it works great.

All this setup is using the free version, there are more features available in the pay version, so I may check them once I needed.

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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