Use Power Automate to get a MS Teams SharePoint URL

Norm Young

This post is inspired by a question I received on LinkedIn on how to copy files to a project based Teams team using Power Automate at the time of provisioning. This Flow can provide one of the building blocks for that larger solution.

Completed Flow

This Flow requires a Graph API connection. I outline how to do this in the following blog post: Use MS Lists and Power Automate to provision Private Channels inTeams.

Create a new Flow from Power Automate > Create new > Scheduled from blank. Provide a Flow name, i.e. “Get WebURL for a Teams team” and click “Create”.

Power Automate > Create new > Scheduled from blank.

Create a new Initialize variable action. Using an Object variable will reduce the number of variable declarations within the Flow. Set Name to “varConnectInfo”, Type to “Object” and Value to:

   "varDirectoryID": "<Enter your Directory ID>",
   "varApplicationID": "<Enter your Application ID>",
   "varSecret": "<Enter your Client Secret Value>"

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