Understanding Autonomous systems, Machine Teaching and Bonsai Platform

Throughout history, managing the factory environment during a pandemic has been a difficult task. Today, COVID-19 has forced industries worldwide into an era of adoption. In what seems like an instant, entire business lines have adopted remote operating tools, digital collaboration resources, and virtual working environments.

This normalization of next-generation technologies has opened the eyes of many frontline workers and executives to the power of tools like artificial intelligence and cloud collaboration.

Autonomous systems means “human independence”?

At large, the concept of autonomy in technology tends to be linked with independence—a self-driving car, for instance, is a great example of an autonomous system, but one that is incredibly complex. At the core of the autonomous system, expertly trained AI complements human experience by recognizing and adapting to a variety of situations to make the best decision possible. By adding a layer of active education and human oversight, autonomous systems ascend…

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