#JavaScript – Console-log-viewer.js an amazing script to overlay console in your HTML apps

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Hi !

Yes, I know, I’m writing about JavaScript. It’s 2020, so anything can happen, and here I am, blogging about JavaScript.

So, I’m learning a lot of TensorFlowJs, and having some kind of logging is a must. I’m a huge fan of Edge Developer Tools, however in some scenarios, like a browser in a smartphone, just have the chance to display the console.log() in the app is a super useful feature.

And, that’s the main idea of [console-log-viewer.js] (see references), just add an script into your HTML and magic!

console-log-viewer.js displays logs and Javascript errors in an overlay on top of your site. Useful for mobile webdevelopment. Installed in 5 seconds [1]. Works on every device and browser [2].


Just add this script into the Html, and refresh the page.

<script src="https://markknol.github.io/console-log-viewer/console-log-viewer.js"></script>

There are other options, like start minimized, at the bottom, etc.

In the following animation, I’m checking the Console Log, while I’m loading and using a Machine Learning model in a browser to detect the use of Face Masks.

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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