#Unity3D – Making a CustomVision.ai HTTP Post call to have a better #MRTK experience with #CognitiveServices @ivanatilca

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Hi !

Quick post today, with mostly sample code. And, it’s all about a scenario that we faced with Ivana a couple of days ago while we were using MRTK and we were trying to use some Cognitive Services.

As of today, not all the services in Cognitive Services are supported and have official Unity3D support. At the end, it’s not a problem, we can just make an HTTP Post call, and that’s it. However, this is not as easy as is supposed to be.

So, after facing some issues with the System.Net.HttpClient library, I decided to use UnityWebRequest. This library main objective is to work with HTTP Forms, however we can manage to send an image with a sample like this:

string DetectImage(byte[] image, string imageUrl)
string body = string.Empty;
using (var request = UnityWebRequest.Post(imageUrl, ""))
request.SetRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/octet-stream");
request.uploadHandler = new UploadHandlerRaw(image);
while (request.isDone == false)
var wfs = new WaitForSeconds(1);
if (request.isNetworkError || request.isHttpError)
body = request.downloadHandler.text;
return body;

As we can see in the previous post, there is no async / await support here. So I added a couple of ugly lines of code to support this. We can improve this to have a timeout or delay applied here. As for this sample, this works great.

As a bonus, you can watch the full presentation in the Global XR YouTube channel here

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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