#PowerPlatform – We can Debug an app with canvas App Monitor and it’s awesome !

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Hi !

I was deploying and testing an interesting Power App scenario to make desk reservations. It was created by April Dunnam, and it was fast an easy to deploy (see references). I even had the chance to make a Pull Request with a minor update to the deploy steps.

While I was doing this, I started to test the App with different users in my demo environment, and I realize that something was wrong, some permissions were needed. Because this is a demo environment, I usually grant everyone full permissions, however I remembered that we had a new cool feature in the Power Apps (see references):

Debugging an app with canvas app Monitor (Preview)

And it was very easy to use! After a couple of minutes sharing and using the app I found the specific information I was looking for: the permissions I need to grant.

power apps monitors errors related to permissions

To get there I simply select the advanced tools and start a Monitor Session (preview)

power apps monitors start an monitor session in preview

I can also invite a user to a shared monitor session. Both of us will be able to see the logs in real-time.

power apps monitors invite external user to monitor session
power apps monitors start a monitor session app debug

However the powerful feature is triggered when the app is starting to be used. With the guest account, all the log data is available in real time to analyze. Here I can find the permissions and other data which may help me to improve my app.

power apps monitors final result up and running

Super cool ! and a final video with the App review

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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