#Python – #FastAPI Webserver sharing information from values in a different thread

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Hi !

After my yesterday post using Flask, I was sure that a FastAPI version will be needed, so here it goes:

I have a common scenario which involves:

  • A sensor collecting information
  • A web-server publishing the sensor information

Read my previous posts to understand why I think this is the simple way to solve this: Multi-threading.

  • Thread 1, where an infinite loop request information from the sensor, and stores the latest value to be shared.
  • Thread 2, where a web-server process requests and share the latest sensor information.

Easy ! And after a couple of tests, I manage to create a single file implementing this:

# Bruno Capuano
# simple webserver with fastapi
# run with uvicorn 07:app -reload
# test with
# on each call, validate if the thread is started,
# of the thread is None, start a different thread +1 a shared var
from typing import Optional
from fastapi import FastAPI
import threading
import time
stateThread = None
iCounter = 0
app = FastAPI()
def validateStateThread():
global stateThread
if (stateThread is None):
print(f"start thread")
stateThread = threading.Thread(target=mainSum)
stateThread.daemon = True
def main():
global iCounter
t = time.localtime()
current_time = time.strftime("%H:%M:%S", t)
return str(f"{current_time} – data {iCounter}")
def mainSum():
# increment counter every second
global iCounter
while True:
iCounter = iCounter + 1
t = time.localtime()
current_time = time.strftime("%H:%M:%S", t)
print(str(f"{current_time} – data {iCounter}"))

So at this point, you may think: why does El Bruno need this? So, let’s share an image that I’ll use in future posts:

thermal camera demo

Happy coding!


El Bruno

More posts in my blog ElBruno.com.

More info in https://beacons.ai/elbruno



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  1. Hi El Bruno, I came across your awesome blog while I am searching how to share information to background thread from Flask Webapp entry function. I would like to refer your work ( reference image in this blog , Thermal Detector Labs ) . I have searched entire posts, but I could not find it. Kindly share your approach for sharing the frames captured from the webcam to background work and to display it result in new window. Thank you.


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