Project Moab & Project Bonsai – Autonomous industrial control systems

Microsoft presented last week in Build two projects that actually work together. We are talking about Project Moab and Project Bonsai.

Project Moab

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Project Moab, is an open source machine teaching robotics hardware kit which allows you to quickly learn via a a fun desktop balancing platform. It can quickly go from the seemingly straightforward, but in actuality decidedly non-trivial, to the exceedingly complex all while enabling you to learn how to harness sophisticated simulation and machine teaching capabilities for your own use cases.

The Microsoft autonomous systems platform allows you to drive real – world innovation, build trustworthy autonomy, and scale human expertise.

A photo of the Moab device

The device (shown in the previous image) has three arms powered by servo motors. These arms work in tandem to control the angle of the transparent plate to keep the ball balanced.

The trained AI must learn how to adjust the plate…

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