#RaspberryPi – Raspberry Pi Imager, super cool imaging utility. Bonus: source code included !

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Hi !

It’s time to setup a Raspberry Pi so my kid can learn a little Python with some local projects at home. And, it’s also time to test one super cool tool from the Raspberry Pi family: Raspberry Pi Imager, a new tool to image microSD cards with Raspbian.

Until today, I mostly used Balena Etcher, and it works amazing. However let’s give this one a try.

First step is to download the tool from the official Download page (see references). Lucky for us, we have the application with versions for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu. The install process is very fast.

raspberry pi imager setup process

Now we launch the app, and select the OS to install.

raspberry pi installer, welcome screeen

This time Raspbian is the one for me. I really like the chance to have other SOs here to select

raspberry pi imager select Raspbian OS

And, I will go even further and select the full version of Raspbian.

select raspbian full

Next step, is to select the target microSD Card, Device. F: for me.

select sd card, disk F

Now we are ready to write the image to the SD Card.

Ready to write the image.

Important: depending the selected image, writing process may take some time. The Full Raspbian version is +2.5GB and it needs to be downloaded in chunks. before starting the write process.

As usual, after writing, let’s verify !

raspberry pi imager verifing step

A couple of minutes later, the process is done !

write process complete


And a couple of notes as a bonus. The tool is open source, and this is great! (see references). And, a video is much better than my posts !

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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