How to create a Bot to help answer COVID-19 questions in 10 steps with QnAMaker?

In times of isolation, we are all thinking how can we help people understand the situation that the world is going trough. So it occurred to me to create a small Bot that can help answer some of the most common questions regarding this virus. I start my development at 5:00 pm on a Sunday, March 22, 2020, on my fifth day of quarantine for this virus.

Analyzing the necessary requirements to create a bot as quickly and easily as possible, the first thing I consider is the QnA Maker service provided by Microsoft.

QnA Maker

QnA Maker is one of the Services provided by Microsoft. This service helps a bot answer user questions, matching it with the best possible answer from its knowledge base. Microsoft suggests using this service for cases in which you want to provide customers with information they may be looking for frequently, support documentation or…

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