How to create a Custom Translator for my company.

One of the categories that has Azure Cognitive Services is Language. This group let us extract meaning from unstructured text. There are different services under the language category you can see them in this link. We are going to use from Language, the Translator API.

Microsoft Translator API is a neural machine translation service.

How can we use these services?

We can use it with a simple REST API call and we are going to see some examples specifically on how to implement Translator text. It supports more than 60 languages you can see the list of them in this link.

Translator can be used to:

  • Automatically detect languages (detect the language of any text string, allowing you to quickly send for translation or serve localized content).
  • Transliterate into different alphabets (Display text in different alphabets to make it easier to read).
  • Look up words with the bilingual dictionary (Find…

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