Can Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality improve my business? How?

At a technical level, Artificial Intelligence seems to be the future of software, the power of AI can transform your business. In fact 85% of the executives that took the survey “Living in an AI World 2020 Report” believe AI has the potential to significantly improve organizational efficiencies. But the question is how AI empower my business, and what does Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality add to this? Even when some of the technologies driving these change are currently complex and expensive, costing the better part of a thousand dollars and require expensive hardware to run and control them.

“Wearable glasses will be the eye of the fourth wave, and AI will be its soul.” by Robert Scoble


Robert Scoble explains in his book “The Fourth Transformation” that in the future, the user interface will change from a “what we carry to what we wear”. That…

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