Understanding Ingress Controllers and Azure App Gateway for Azure Kubernetes Part 2: AGIC

Roy Kim on Azure and Microsoft 365

The previous part 1 blog post went over fundamental concepts of ingress and ingress controller. This part 2 post will build on this concept and give a review of the App Gateway Ingress Controller (AGIC)

First of all, what happens when you deploy AKS with its default settings?

The default AKS deployment when going through the Azure Portal has network related configuration set with HTTP application routing as disabled.

Http Application Routing add-on makes it really easy to setup an ingress controller so that you can access your deployed apps in AKS. However, it is not recommended for production deployments.

Essentially, there is no real ingress controller set up upon default AKS deployment. So you have to install an ingress controller. A popular approach is with NGINX (i.e. in the cluster), you can read about it in Create an ingress controller in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). This will work…

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