Understanding Ingress Controllers and Azure App Gateway for Azure Kubernetes Part 1: Intro

Roy Kim on Azure and Microsoft 365

I will share my experiences with a design and implementation of Azure Application Gateway for an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster. This is so that you may get some practical insight as you plan and design for using the Azure App Gateway.

In this blog series, I will go over

  1. Fundamental Ingress concepts
  2. Architecture and deployment components
  3. My review, observations and insights

Typical Use Case: For an application that is required to be internet facing, it is recommended to have a networking appliance that allows for ingress traffic into your application where you can manage web security, networking and http/layer 7 traffic.

As a result, a valuable option is to leverage the Azure Application Gateway as part of your overall Azure Kubernetes system architecture.

AKS Architecture

My implementation was based on the following documentation. So read the following article to further understand background details.

The fundamentals of an Ingress and an…

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