This is a “Thank you” Post and a “How to become an MVP”.

Only 12 days ago I was named Microsoft MVP of Artificial Intelligence and since that time thousands of things happened, that made me think i needed to write this post. I will face the beginning of the questions, with practical answers so that you can understand it, but then I will comment on my point of view on each item.


How do I become an MVP?

On the Microsoft MVP website you can find the “requirements” to be MVP. ->

In order to apply for the MVP Award, a Microsoft Full Time Employee (FTE) or currently active Microsoft MVP must submit a recommendation for award consideration on your behalf.

Once I get nominated, what happens?

If you have been nominated, you will receive an email to upload all the material you contributed to the community, Videos, Blogs, Articles, participation in Forums, Mentorship, Events, etc. When you submit everything you’ve…

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