Tutorial : Azure Kinect + Face Emotion Detection

Hello everyone!

Last year i uploaded a video in which I developed a small WPF application that consumed Cognitive services to calculate the distance of a person captured by the Azure Kinect Camera. I received a lot of questions about the code and it made me feel good that i could help developers around the world. They requested me to consume the Face API with the device, so this is it!


So lets begin.

1 . Create a WPF .NET Application, before adding all Nuget packages there are some things you have to configure for the project to work with our sensor.


2. Configure Debug mode x64, if you don´t have available that option available select the configuration manager and add it.


3. Right click your project in the solution explorer and select “Properties”


Once the Properties panel is available uncheck the “Prefer 32-bit” option and check the “Allow unsafe…

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