Chapter 1 – Design Pillars for creating Augmented Reality and/or Mixed Reality Apps

A #mustread content from my friend Ivana

Hello guys!

As you know i am creating my own personal project to build a Mixed Reality App. I have the concept, the requirements and all necessary items to develop, but… where do i start?


“Understand the user’s environment”.

If you are in the same situation than me, one of the things i suggest you to focus on, is make sure you understand that AR/MR exists OUTSIDE of our device. So your design work should exist outside of the device as well, so put away your 2D UI ideas, its not easy but once you get the concept you kind of feel free to create amazing things.

So we have to focus, on creating a sketch of the actual environment the user will be in, so you should be sketching living rooms, and tables, and outdoor spaces.

Then as you sketch the users environment, you start to sketch the various…

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