ARM Templates Fundamentals: My Development Tools

Roy Kim on Azure and Microsoft 365

Azure ARM Templates provides the ability to deploy azure resource infrastructure in a repeatable, declarative and repeatable state. It is infrastructure-as-code.

For those getting started and wondering what they need to build your tool belt, I will share what my tool belt and development process look like.

My Software and tools

My operating system is Windows 10

Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

Lightweight but powerful source code editor. Free.

I prefer this tool as it is very light weight and very popular in the general developer community and not just with Microsoft. I prefer it for its plugin extensions. Alternatives are any code editor you choose and including the latest version Visual Studio for more rich capabilities.

VS Code Extension: Azure Resource Manager Tools

Provides language support for Azure Resource Manager deployment templates and template language expressions.

My favorite features:

  • Syntax highlighting & Intellisense


Intellisense of additional properties:

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