#Training – Elements of AI, a free #ArtificialIntelligence training from Finland (with also an amazing story)

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Via “The Verge” (see references), I found this amazing story.

Last year, Finland launched a free online crash course in artificial intelligence with the aim of educating its citizens about the new technology. Now, as a Christmas present to the world, the European nation is making the six week program available for anyone to take.

Finland is making its online AI crash course free to the world , The Verge

Please read the article, is an amazing initiative from a country with amazing people. They are also in the process of translate the course to all the supported languages in EU, so this will be great.

And, I decided to give the course a try and this is my thoughts, after completed Chapter 1

There are no videos here, it’s all about reading about Definitions of AI, Applications of AI, introduction to Machine Learning, and other topics.

  • I read this very fast, and boom 1st exercise I got an amazing score.
  • I keep the same pace, and then next exercises make me realize that I need to spend more time here. I won’t complete the full course in 5 minutes, I like a challenge of read, understand and explain.
  • The final test is a written one, where you need to submit your answers and there is a committee analyzing and deciding your result.

So, I’m here waiting for the response and looking forward for next chapter which may involve some Python programming.

And, as a general-purpose course I think is an amazing resource. There are so many AI courses, which most of the time are so focus on the technical part, and is nice to find a different approach to educate about Artificial Intelligence to the general public.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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