#Windows10 – How to Install Connect app (yes, somehow is not part of my Windows 10 installation)

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I’ve been using the Connect App for several years. It’s super useful when you need to share your Android screen to your Windows device, or any other device sharing screen scenario.

However, today I realized that I don’t have my Connect app installed in my Windows 10

no connect app

I don’t know why, maybe one of the Insider Builds remove the App, or any other crazy ideas. Moving on, I put my focus to figure out how to install this app. I really need it!

There is not much information about how to install this, but I found that I had the [Projecting to this PC] feature in Windows 10. Which was disabled for me.

windows 10 settings projecting to this pc

So, browsing the additional features, I found [Wireless Display]. That should be the one:

windows 10 add wireless display feature to w10

Warning, after the install time, is also REBOOT time! Windows being Windows.

windows 10 installing wireless display

And, now I had the connect App up and running to rock some Hololens demos

windows 10 connect app as new app

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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