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A few weeks ago I wrote a post where I explained how to download slides and videos for all the Microsoft Ignite 2019 sessions.

It was very simple, just search for your preferred session at

Just navigate to https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions

And, in the session you got the link to download the slides and the video to watch it later. I also explained how to use the PowerShell file available in each session to automate the download process.

And now, someone asked about my choice on the best AI sessions from Microsoft Ignite. I have my personal choice, however I strongly advice everyone to visit the leaning path for AI:

Developer’s guide to AI

Making sense of your unstructured data with AI

Tailwind Traders has a lot of legacy data that they’d like their developers to leverage in their apps – from various sources, both structured and unstructured, and including images, forms, and several others. In this session, learn how the team used Azure Cognitive Search to make sense of this data in a short amount of time and with amazing success. We discuss tons of AI concepts, like the ingest-enrich-explore pattern, search skillsets, cognitive skills, natural language processing, computer vision, and beyond.VIEW MORE

Using pre-built AI to solve business challenges

As a data-driven company, Tailwind Traders understands the importance of using artificial intelligence to improve business processes and delight customers. Before investing in an AI team, their existing developers were able to demonstrate some quick wins using pre-built AI technologies. In this session, we show how you can use Azure Cognitive Services to extract insights from retail data and go into the neural networks behind computer vision. Learn how it works and how to augment the pre-built AI with your own images for custom image recognition applications.VIEW MORE

Start building machine learning models faster than you think

Tailwind Traders uses custom machine learning models to fix their inventory issues – without changing their software development life cycle! How? Azure Machine Learning Visual Interface. In this session, learn the data science process that Tailwind Traders’ uses and get an introduction to Azure Machine Learning Visual Interface. See how to find, import, and prepare data, select a machine learning algorithm, train and test the model, and deploy a complete model to an API. Get the tips, best practices, and resources you and your development team need to continue your machine learning journey, build your first model, and more.VIEW MORE

Taking models to the next level with Azure Machine Learning best practices

Tailwind Traders’ data science team uses natural language processing (NLP), and recently discovered how to fine tune and build a baseline models with Automated ML. In this session, learn what Automated ML is and why it’s so powerful, then dive into how to improve upon baseline models using examples from the NLP best practices repository. We highlight Azure Machine Learning key features and how you can apply them to your organization, including: low priority compute instances, distributed training with auto scale, hyperparameter optimization, collaboration, logging, and deployment.VIEW MORE

Machine learning operations: Applying DevOps to data science

Many companies have adopted DevOps practices to improve their software delivery, but these same techniques are rarely applied to machine learning projects. Collaboration between developers and data scientists can be limited and deploying models to production in a consistent, trustworthy way is often a pipe dream. In this session, learn how Tailwind Traders applied DevOps practices to their machine learning projects using Azure DevOps and Azure Machine Learning Service. We show automated training, scoring, and storage of versioned models, wrap the models in Docker containers, and deploy them to Azure Container Instances or Azure Kubernetes Service. We even collect continuous feedback on model behavior so we know when to retrain.VIEW MORE

Download all the slides and videos

And, finally if you want all these sessions material, just

  • Access “Get the bulk session resource download script” at the bottom of the page in one of the sessions.
  • Open a PowerShell window to the directory in which the script is located.
  • Run the following script
.\Download-Resources.ps1 -directory . -sessionCodes "AIML10, AIML20, AIML30, AIML40, AIML50"  

A couple of seconds later you will see how each one of the sessions will be starting to be downloaded in a separated folder with the session keyname.

Microsoft ignite download Ai learning path videos

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Etobicoke

El Bruno



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