Multi-cloud approach, AWS–Google and the “New” Microsoft Azure Arc in 8 steps

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The adoption of cloud computing has quickly become a key driving force for businesses today. Selecting one cloud over comes down to the wants and needs of each individual customer and the workloads they are running. It is often the case that organizations will use multiple providers within different parts of their operations, or for different use cases, which is called a multi-cloud approach.

However, there are a number of differentiating factors that separate the approaches of the three most known firms (Azure, AWS & Google), which can help end users consider which is right for them. These Platform offer largely similar basic capabilities around flexible compute, storage and networking. They all share the common elements of a public cloud: self-service and instant provisioning, auto-scaling, plus security, compliance and identity management features.

Customer Needs

A lot of customers have servers running in their private data centers, in their offices, or…

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