Announcing the Second Edition of Rock Your Code: Code & App Performance for Microsoft.NET

An amazing from from David and also a great way to help.

Please go to >> Purchase Printed Book From Amazon & Support The Voice of Slum

Today I am announcing the brand new edition of my book titled Rock Your Code: Code & App Performance for Microsoft .NET, now available on Amazon.

How fast your code executes is very important for your users and back-end server processes. This is even more important for the future as more and more users, use your app or services. Thinking about performance while you are first writing the code will save tons of time and money in the future! There are many ways to write the same block of code, some more performant than others.

Short of requiring your users to purchase faster machines with more memory and faster processors or the same for back-end servers, this book will show you the best practices when writing business apps, so your code can run as fast as possible and could lead to cost savings for your servers or cloud services.

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