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Hi !

So, I ‘m lucky enough to be part of the Speakers in the amazing Chicago CodeCamp on May 11th. This will be my perfect excuse to visit the city of Chicago and also to meet some of the amazing people in the Chicago Tech Community.

My session will be about Deep Learning for regular devs (like myself)

Deep Learning for Everyone

You probably read a lot about Machine Learning and Deep Learning these days; however, if you are a standard developer (like me), is hard to find a way to start with ML or DL. So, let’s avoid learning specific ML languages and tools, and let’s have some fun using a popular language like C# to create a DL model. And, let’s also try to run this model in a popular device like a Raspberry Pi (why not?). We may add some cloud, and some IoT pieces to the scene, however, keep in mind that during this session the idea is to LEARN and HAVE FUN. Creating something from zero is one of the best ways to understand how Deep Learning works!

More information: https://www.chicagocodecamp.com/

Happy Coding !

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno

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