#AI – Microsoft launches AI Business School

Hi !

How many times you listen sentences like these ones:

  • We will use Artificial Intelligence to analyze historical data and make some predictions to improve XYZ.
  • We can use Machine Learning to get a better understanding of the problem.
  • This is a typical scenario for AI, we can solve this using AI.
  • And more …

Myself ? tons of times. And don’t get me wrong, these sentences make a lot of sense in different scenarios, however they are becoming a mantra for some groups with zero AI knowledge.

That’s why the idea of the Microsoft AI Business School is amazing. The AI Business School presents a series of case studies and videos created to help business executives design and successfully implement an AI strategy.

This is the next step on programs like the AI School for developers, where we can find tons of amazing (and not so amazing) AI materials.

IMHO, the main and most important resource in the AI Business School, is that the materials are based on years of conversations and experiences with clients. So, this is not the typical AI book, this are real customer experiences implementing solutions which involves some level of Artificial Intelligence.

Some days ago, Microsoft released a study about the impact of AI on company culture and leadership. About 800 business executives in the U.S. and 7 European nations — including the U.K., France, Germany, and Russia — participated in the survey. And this is the next step, on bring the real state culture behind AI focused on business leaders.

The people at Venture Beat, really nails the idea behind this AI Business School

… the AI Business School advises companies to celebrate cross-sectional teamwork and make sure employees in every layer of their organization feel empowered to speak up about ways AI can be used in their own jobs. It’s something CFO Amy Hood came to learn when AI was brought into her company’s finance department.

“Her role was to build confidence, excitement, rewards, and a system for people who would feel comfortable enough to, quite frankly, volunteer their own business processes to be reinvented,” Azizirad said. …

From Microsoft launches AI Business School

And as usual, a video is the best way to introduce this:

Bonus: read between the lines!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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