#Event – Cold weather? > All the @MVPDays sessions available for offline viewing !


Hi !

While we are enjoying this amazing days with -20C as average temperature, it’s maybe the perfect excuse to watch and learn with all the videos from yesterday’s MVP Days session.

All of the recording are available here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW-BLrn2azoSeYbDWqNeQa83B5R8gc2vYΒ 

And the topics are:

  • MVPDays – Securing Service Accounts The Modern Way – John O’Neill Sr
  • MVPDays – DevOps ICU: Improving DevOps Results by (Correctly) Integrating UX – Debbie Levitt
  • MVPDays – Getting Started with Azure Devops – Gregor Suttie
  • MVPDays – Automate blockchain w/ Azure Blockchain Workbench and Microsoft Flow – StefanoTempesta
  • MVPDays – Getting Started with Machine Learning.Net and Windows Machine Learning – Bruno Capuano
  • MVPDays – Ten practical tips to secure your corporate data with Microsoft 365 – Peter Daalmans
  • MVPDays – The First 5 Things To Getting Started with Teams: IT Admin Edition – Jeremy Miller
  • MVPDays – Automate your Patching with Azure Patch Management – Sarah Lean
  • MVPDays – Xamarin and the Cloud – Rebai Hamida
  • MVPDays – Microsoft Teams: A Collaboration Story – Muditha Chathuranga
  • MVPDays – Hardening Windows Server – Orin Thomas
  • MVPDays – Azure AD Domain Services – domain controllers in the cloud? – Sam Cogan
  • MVPDays – Configure Azure AD Connect like the Pros – Max Fritz
  • MVPDays – Going Serverless on Azure – Ivan Culjak
  • MVPDays – Azure STack Development Kit the cheap Azure Development platform – Carsten Rachfahl

Happy coding !

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

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