#Microsoft – Internet Archive give us access to MS-DOS and MS Word source code (Back to the 90’s !)


Over the last few days, there are people who have a big smile on their face. If you are one of those who like the history of computers, now you have at your fingertips a major component of the last 30 years.


And that’s not all. During these days, Microsoft has also released the source code of another historical piece of software from the years 90:

MICROSOFT RESEARCH LICENSE AGREEMENT | Microsoft Word for Windows version 1.1ª

The next great move I read that is commented on several online sources is that Microsoft release the source code of Windows 10 Mobile, but as shares much of Core Windows 10 for desktop I don’t think that’s happening.

01 MS Word Source Code

Wow, tons of  C++ Source Code

MS-DOS and MS Word licenses are not Open Source per se. They are rather, of the type “Look But don’t touch “, for non-commercial purposes or education, which makes a lot of sense in the case of initially commercial software.

This has made some noise, and it seems that there are people who have not yet reached the point of understanding that Microsoft has changed a lot in terms of its Open Source policy. Today many of their products Core They’re Open Source. From the .net Framework, to very massive products like ASP.Net MVC, EF, Visual Studio Code, to specific implementations of very interesting products like Machine Learning Net.

Bonus: I take the time to remind you that tomorrow we will talk about ML.Net in the Microsoft offices in Toronto, free pizza and drinks. And if you can not in person, in November and December also participate in some Webinars About ML.Net.

Extra bonus, a cool video with the Internet Archive explanation

02 Internet Archive.png

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


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