#AI – Microsoft AI Lab: Samples, AI Challenge and more



In some other posts I’ve already talked about AI School and AI demos, today is time for AI Labs.

In this Microsoft resource we can find several examples of Artificial intelligence projects. Each of these projects is associated with a repository on GitHub with the source code of these. For example, there is an intelligent navigation module for a drone that is compiled into Unreal, a Python intelligent image Generator and the JFK case document analysis where Azure services are used Cognitive Services.

Note: Personally I have pending the drone and Unreal, I have to find time to learn something from Unreal.

In addition to these projects, there is the possibility of proposing a new topic. And here the thing gets interesting because this is done in contest mode.


Within + 50 Days Is Evaluated The proposals and in addition to a little free publicity of the project, you can win a Surface Book 2 or a DJI drone.

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


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