#Windows10 – A bit of Windows Subsystem For Linux, and some interesting IP addresses [1e100.net]


These days I’ve been working in my home network. Now that we have many devices connected, I begin to see traces that are strange to me. Generally, it is usually something expected, like for example open ports by games of my children friends connected to my home network, however, the following scenario was funny for me.

Well, it all started when I saw in the traces a lot of activity with this data.

Destination URL or IP address:

Service or port number: 5228



Usually, the next step is a command prompt and [nslookup] to view the host for this IP. However, now that Windows 10 allows us to use in Linux almost in native mode, I launched my Ubuntu instance and thanks to [Windows Subsystem For Linux] I was able to use the command [Dig], which is a very cool Linux tool. This is the perfect excuse to learn and use something new 😀

This is what I found: Traffic is performed in the domain 1e100.net


This is at least curious. Like this That the following was to find out if there are any Apps That use that port and that domain. This is as simple as doing a Google search for https://www.google.com/search?q=ip%09173.194.193.188%09%09port+5228


And here begins the interesting results. I leave it in item a item, where he was more and more surprised:

  • First of all, this port seems to be used a lot from Chrome in Apps Like Google Drive, Chrome Remote Desktop and other Google apps
  • Google Apps? It makes sense because the domain 1e100.net is owned by Google !!!

And this is where I dropped my face, after trying to explain why the domain name, I read the following

1e100 means 1 E 100. 1 * 10 ^ 100. The number, which is named Googol, where Google gets the name from !!!

Well, look, you got a new geek data to share with friends this weekend

Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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