#eBook – Free eBook: A Developer’s Guide to Building AI Applications



Interesting news from Microsoft and O’Reilly: now we can download this new ebook for free [A Developer’s Guide to Building AI Applications]. The book is developer-oriented and I have it ready on my Kindle to finish it full tomorrow on the plane. It has only 52 pages and are quite enjoyable to read. I was [meditating in my thinking room], and I read half of the book.

The first chapters deal with the relationship between AI and Cloud; and then it shows the current status of Microsoft’s Artificial intelligence platform. This will surely make the book age quickly, as changes in this ecosystem are constant.

The first example of code is quite predictable: ChatBot. Although this example is quite interesting because it uses enough elements of the ecosystem of MS. Azure FunctionsLuis Qna Maker, Bot Framework and more. The example code of the Chatbot It’s on GitHub. Thing that’s not a surprise at all this Week:D

When I finish reading the book, I will complete the post if there is something remarkable to add.

Meanwhile If you don’t know the MS AI platform, this book It’s a quick and interesting reading to start on this topic.

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Calgary

El Bruno

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