#Podcast – Machine Learning .Net, Guest In Interface Podcast #MLNet


Hi !

Back to a podcast, this time invited by the great Rodrigo Diaz Concha to talk about Machine Learning Net. The audio can be found here

As expected, during Build 2018 there were a lot of announcements and novelties around the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  One of these announcements by Microsoft was the immediate availability of ML.NET: a Framework of Machine Learning For .net developers with the C# or F # languages.  ML.NET is an Open project Source, and you can run on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

To talk about this and more related topics, in this episode we have the presence of Bruno Capuano, who has been a Microsoft MVP for 11 years and currently serves as innovation Lead for Avanade Canada.

During this interesting talk, Bruno explains to us what is ML.NET, where we can apply his notions, what is the state of the development tools currently, the Roadmap of this FrameworkAs well as a description of what we can do with this fascinating technology.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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