#AI – #AISchool, Free OnLine Training for Artificial Intelligence


One of the questions that I always ask in AI talks is how to start learning AI? Here the answer is not an easy one. There are online resources such as EDx or Coursera which offer very complete courses, lasting several weeks. At some point I will probably share my experience about this platforms.

Another option is Artificial Intelligence School, that I particularly like more for several reasons

  • It is focused for programmers, I mean developers who create Apps. There are theoretical contents, however, in my experience, the tutorials and practical examples stand out.
  • It has a 100% solution-oriented approach. That is, if you want to add OCR capabilities to an App, you have a 12-hour Learning Path on how to build a DNN model to do this. To compensate, you also have a 2-hour Learning Path that shows how to perform OCR using Cognitive Services.
  • The contents are very varied. From how to use Natural Processing Language Apps in Azure, arriving at theoretical contents oriented on how to use Visual Studio Code for AI

I could name some other reasons, but I think it is best to recommend this site and share the comparison in OCR hours with DNN and OCR with Cognitive Services..


Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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