#Event – Materials used during the Global Azure Bootcamp [#ArtificialIntelligence – Using #Azure #CognitiveServices] #GlobalAzureTo


I have to start by thanking Cheryl (@explorengcheryl), Ehsan (@ehsaneskandarim), Luca (@lucavgobbi), Armin (@ArminPage) and all the other people who participated in the organization of the event. Coordinating a session for almost 150 people is a challenge and this event has been a success. Congratulations!!!

DbWYkdmWkAIwoyN.jpg large.jpg

Personally spend a very pleasant time. I was lucky to see many people again, to put some real faces to many people and also close the event with a couple of laughs.

After a while doing this, I know that my session has gone as I wanted when the first tweets about it are not highlight the live coding demos (errors in demo mode included). But they focus on the toilet paper history and on the chihuahuas. And how we should not be afraid of AI, but take advantage of it to create better apps.

This sentence also makes some people think about it …

“My wife is never wrong. Even when she is wrong, there comes a time in the discussion in which surprisingly she returns to be right.”

Slide time

And source code and flow created during the session


See you again on 2019!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno

Bonus: Otro par de tweets











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